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Salit Solutions, LLC is a hands-on consultancy which partners with businesses.

It brings laser focus to Sales/Marketing, Finance, Operations, Logistics, and organization effectiveness… helping a business grow revenue and profitability in a rapidly changing market, customer and competitive landscape. 


Salit Solutions typically looks at a three-year horizon and collaboratively develops the strategies and supporting plans needed to succeed. We partner in the assessment and planning phases as well as periodically assuring that plans are accomplished as expected, making adjustments as needed.



Broadcast Marketing Int’l LTD, dba ProSource

Michael Salit, company Co-founder, COO & CFO of this venerable Broadcast Television / Motion Picture – Film Industry equipment business with global impact as a (VAR) value-added reseller, importer and distributor. 

ProSource revolutionized the television industry’s approach to outfitting freelance trade professionals while simultaneously designing, engineering, and integrating must have products for ENG (Electronic News Gathering) / EFP (Electronic Field Production) productions over twenty years.

CenterPoint Partners, LLC

“More than a decade of continuous business plan honing and execution. Periodic subconsultant to C-level and board members of P/E clients.”

James Locker: Company Founder / CEO

Nations Best

“Multi-year direct involvement with privately held corporation… USDA approved meat processor.  Scaling business, growing revenue & profits via targeted expansion of manufacturing, marketing (including IT upgrades) to support establishment of multiple brands, and sales.”

Jeffrey Greenwald: COO / Full Equity Stakeholder

MTO Unlimited

“25+ years direct engagement with company leadership, growing revenue by 250-300 %.  Focus on supply chain, outsourcing manufacturing, and management’s use of best practices.”

Susan Ottalini: Company Founder / President

Railroad Museum of New England

Special consultant to the president and Board of Trustees of this Not for Profit 501(c)3.

  • Improved the museum’s efficiency and productivity by negotiating contracts with service providers.
  • Enhanced visibility by collaborating with Connecticut state government to secure highway signage.
  • Increased the tangible and intangible value of the collection by participating on a team that was involved in the stabilization, preservation and restoration of the museum collection.


Ralph Harris: Former President RMNE

Wilton, CT 06897

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